Friday, March 19, 2010

Moving Taipei

Dear Friends,
We had a great time in Taichung.

Here are some pictures for you.
Our morning routine:

Before we left Taichung, we went shopping:

Now it is time for Taipei. This a short, 2 hour drive north through some beautiful countryside.
When we arrive, the traffic is amazing.

Our room is the best!

David is teaching in two locations. One is a conference center above the flower market. Smells very nice.

The second place is Nancy, a coffee and snack store owned by the family of Serina's student.

This is heaven! David is happy as can be teaching flowers and scrolls. Me, I am in a petite lounge sipping fresh brewed coffee! I just need a jar of Nutella. I wonder if Serina brought hers.

Hard at work.

I have lost him!

David and Martha

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