Saturday, March 20, 2010

Farewell Taipei

Dear Friends,
A great seminar tour has come to an end. We have enjoyed several days here in Taipei. Several new students attended this year. One new teacher had such a good time, she called her student and had her join for the rest of the week. Now that is a great endorsement!

Serina had all of the core lessons painted for students and teachers to see. It looked great!

I have been typing up lesson plans. Somehow my role as photographer and window shopper has been transferred to transcriber.

I did get to see some cool things be for we left;

Everything is Cat and Life. I love this sentiment.
But what is Gotta go check it out!

Our room was great. It had a foyer. And room service!

I think I could teach a small child to swim in this tub.

A great morning view.

This tower was made from paper!

I think I want this car. It is electric, holds one person and is blue. Perfect for in town running around! Trying to figure out how to get it home.

Lots of good things happened here in Taiwan. We had a great tour, saw our old friends, made new friends and shared time with those who have the passion to paint. We are exhausted but happy. Going home now!
David and Martha
Our own slideshow!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Dear Friends,
David has been teaching at Serina's Studio for the past few days. The space is airy and light.

The walls are about 12 feet high. They are covered with trays and paintings for decoration and for classes and for sale. Very Impressive.

A few things for lunch included things we knew:

I do not think I can eat this:

I think I can work here:

We are having a great time.
David and Martha

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Food Photos

Okay, I always tease Serina about taking pictures of food. Last year, during our tour of the Netherlands, Serina took at lease 1000 pictures of food: our meals, snacks and more. Okay, maybe not 1000, but it was a lot! While we took pictures of paintings and architecture and more, Serina had the added pix to show her friends how good the food looked. (It was delicious as well!)

When I got asked by friends what we eat when we travel to Asia, I rethought my position about food photography. So here I go: When traveling abroad, we usually eat where our friends take us. Often we let them order as they want us to try something special. We have enjoyed fish, chicken and beef many different ways. From fancy restaurants to local treasures, we have enjoyed some great food. Right now, you have to take me word for it. Perhaps some photos would be of interest as well. So here I go: my first food diary. Forgive my poor shots. Many a time, we were well into our meal when I remembered I needed a photo!

(chicken with roasted garlic)

Mark chose this restaurant because for the simple reason he likes it. We enjoyed fish, chicken and a great soup. He told me it was made with Monkey Brains. Hmm

After a lot of grinning and discussion, Mark clarified it was Monkey Brain Mushrooms in the soup. What a difference a word makes! Mark is a funny man. Very pleased with his joke as you can see.

This is the biggest lazy susan I have every seen. We had sweet-and-sour fish, black tofu, pork, apple soda, Taiwan chilled tea and lots more.

I am so full!

Meet Mark

For the past few years, Serina is joined in presenting our seminars with the help of her boyfriend, Mark. He is terrific! He is a stock market adviser that has fallen in love with the world of Decorative Painting. He takes on the organization and attention to detail that really makes a seminar work.

For example, each day Mark disappears for about 30minutes in the morning. I thought he was off to work. No, he was getting coffee for us. And somehow he knows how we all like it! He believes in doing all he can to keep the seminar environment positive and fun.

Today Mark had the less than glamorous job of making a white screen for the projector.

He laughed and chatted with us all as he assembled the sheets together. He enjoys the world of Decorative Painting; the art, the history and the students. It is a real treat to work with another couple who love the painting as we do.

Lucky us!


David and Martha

Here at Serina's

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, we are here in Taichung. Today is Day 3 of our 9 day seminar tour. Taichung is always special to us as this is the home city of Serina. We met Serina about 6 years ago. We have enjoyed lots of seminars and holidays together. We come to Taiwan to teach. She comes to our home for Christmas. We call her our little sister.

Serina is a tireless worker. She translates the lessons. She explains to the class (lots of new students this year) their job of repeating “yes, David.” And she translates the jokes. Each class is happy, laughing and learning.

Our first two days were held in the University's Lecture Hall. A great venue for special events. Then three days at Serina's home studio. Her studio is light and airy with tall windows and high ceilings. A very pleasant place to paint.