Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meet Mark

For the past few years, Serina is joined in presenting our seminars with the help of her boyfriend, Mark. He is terrific! He is a stock market adviser that has fallen in love with the world of Decorative Painting. He takes on the organization and attention to detail that really makes a seminar work.

For example, each day Mark disappears for about 30minutes in the morning. I thought he was off to work. No, he was getting coffee for us. And somehow he knows how we all like it! He believes in doing all he can to keep the seminar environment positive and fun.

Today Mark had the less than glamorous job of making a white screen for the projector.

He laughed and chatted with us all as he assembled the sheets together. He enjoys the world of Decorative Painting; the art, the history and the students. It is a real treat to work with another couple who love the painting as we do.

Lucky us!


David and Martha

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