Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fishing in Australia

Dear Friends,
Okay, Work is done and the guys are out working hard to provide for the family. As we finish our trip, we have been warmed by the sun and eaten well. I think I am a bit pink. But Dave was very good about sunscreen. SLIP-SLAP-SLOP is the rule here.

I had asked for a board meeting. I let them pick the location. I do not think they are thinking business:

I was enjoying a book and a sandwich when a cheeky kookaburra swooped down and took my sandwich! To add insult to injury, he ate it in front of me. Ouch!

This is the face of relaxation. A vacation well deserved.

And yes, the guys provided. We had a delicious fish fry.

Heading home in the morning. I wonder what the weather is like?

See you soon.
The Jansens

Here in Australia

Dear Friends,
This has been a whirlwind tour. The seminars in Melbourne and Adelaide were great. The venues are wonderful. Food fabulous. And the painting phenomenal.

We had teachers and students from across Australia as well as New Zealand and South Korea. We had more fun that should be allowed.

Here are some photos from Melbourne:

A large room with lots of space to get up and move.

A great venue in Adelaide with lots of smiling faces:

A great venue:

Happy Birthday!

Our dates are set for 2010!
Thank you for a great tour!
The Jansens

SDP & HOOT 2009

Dear Friends,
We had a great time at SDP and HOOT. Our booths looked great. This year we had many of the Heritage Designers helping in the booth. Lots of fun and laughing. We handed out lots of flyers about the Heritage Art Education web site and Education Program. Here are a few pictures of the conventions:

If you haven't been to a convention, you have to try it! It is lots of fun plus a great opportunity to meet with teachers and artists from all over the world.

The Jansens

Catching Up!

Dear Friends,
I know I said I would be better but all of a sudden it is October and I am in Australia. Where has the year gone?

Well, I have posted most of our pictures from Taiwan and Japan trips (March and April). But I do not think I have shared with you the great pix of France, PA seminars or Australia. I will do my best to get caught up. The best part is we are finding painting everywhere!

As I look at the pix on our camera, we wanted to share with you our experience at a flea market near Veronique and Francois's home in Colroy La Roche. Many of us have gone to the church bazaar or local flea market to enjoy the treasures to be had. Try attending one of these events in another country. You will see many of the same things but with the added component: How do I get this home?
Take a look:
Beautiful items everywhere:
Bureau-hmm Nice
Trunk: we both wanted it:
Jessica's Pick:

We saw castles:

We saw more castles:
Dave P wants a castle. We had to say no.

A typical French countryside kitchen.

Hey! How did Jessica's kitten pictures get into the mix?

We made it home with lots of great books and ideas.
The Jansens
PS Still looking for homes for three kittens (young cats).