Saturday, March 20, 2010

Farewell Taipei

Dear Friends,
A great seminar tour has come to an end. We have enjoyed several days here in Taipei. Several new students attended this year. One new teacher had such a good time, she called her student and had her join for the rest of the week. Now that is a great endorsement!

Serina had all of the core lessons painted for students and teachers to see. It looked great!

I have been typing up lesson plans. Somehow my role as photographer and window shopper has been transferred to transcriber.

I did get to see some cool things be for we left;

Everything is Cat and Life. I love this sentiment.
But what is Gotta go check it out!

Our room was great. It had a foyer. And room service!

I think I could teach a small child to swim in this tub.

A great morning view.

This tower was made from paper!

I think I want this car. It is electric, holds one person and is blue. Perfect for in town running around! Trying to figure out how to get it home.

Lots of good things happened here in Taiwan. We had a great tour, saw our old friends, made new friends and shared time with those who have the passion to paint. We are exhausted but happy. Going home now!
David and Martha
Our own slideshow!

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