Sunday, December 6, 2009

Remodeling in the snow!

Dear Friends,
All is well here. We have been busy! As many of you know we are adding onto our home. This is an addition we have wanted to pursue for a long time. Besides the added living space, the addition will add lots of wall space for us to display our beloved decorative art. Here is the most recent picture:

I have made a two requests: book cases and plate shelf. Our book collection is always expanding. And I have learned there is always a need for more display areas.

What else have we been doing? Heritage MultiMedia paint sets have shipped. Our family business had a busy week of shrinking, wrapping, and packing. I think we are all caught up. Thank you for your patience. Any questions, please email me.

David has been enjoying the Direct Painting technique so much. And judging from your emails, so have you. Well, one thing has led to another. David created the specifications for some new brushes. New angles, bristles and a fan. Global Art Supply has added the new brushes to the line. And we now have them up on our website.

We know how hard it is to find good sources for wood surfaces. We are always on the look-out for sources we can share with you. Dave has found a great source of plates. Lots of sizes, good quality, all at a very good price. We are so excited to add the plates to our website.

We are also adding a supply page to our website. Transfer paper, specialty pens and other supplies the creative artist needs. If you have an idea, please send it to me: Our goal is to make sure you have what you need to paint! paint! paint!

David is in production for two new dvds: Louis XIV Scrolls and Painted Fruit. Watching his creative process is exciting. Each dvd or book reflects years of study. When he is ready to film or write, he spends days designing and pulling together his references. Books begin to stack around him. Sketch pads and tracing paper litter every flat surface in his office. Tables, chairs and the floor have carefully stacked "idea" piles. Once I tried to clear off a chair. It almost cost you the Ompir series!

So now we wait. When David is ready, Jessica, Kaitlin and I try to get the books back into the bookcase. Family and friends are always on the lookout for more books. I hope I have calculated enough bookcase space!

Okay, I have to go. I am making jerky in the oven. Everyone says it is done. The cats, dogs and Dave. I better check it before they take over the kitchen.


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